There was a German, an Italian and a Redneck on death row. The warden gave them

On death row, there were a German, an Italian, and a redneck. The warden presented them with three options for execution: to be shot, hanged, or injected with the AIDS virus for a slow death.

The German promptly chose to be shot in the head. With a boom, he died instantly.

Next, the Italian opted to be hanged. With a snap, he met his demise.

Then came the turn of the redneck. He confidently said, “Give me some of that AIDS.” After receiving the injection, he burst into laughter, much to the bewilderment of the guards.

Seeing his amusement, the guards administered another shot. The redneck continued laughing hysterically, tears streaming down his face.

Perplexed, the warden finally asked, “What’s so funny?”

The redneck replied, “You guys are so stupid… I’m wearing a condom!”


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