A 92-year-old man went to the doctor

The 92-year-old gentleman visited his yearly check-up, and the doctor, taken aback by his vigor, inquired, “How are you feeling?”

The elderly man grinned, “Absolutely splendid, Doc! I’ve never been better!”

Intrigued, the doctor asked, “What’s your secret? Any particular diet or exercise routine?”

With a chuckle, the elderly man replied, “Not at all. I simply made the decision to marry a 20-year-old, and now she’s expecting my child.”

Maintaining a professional demeanor, the doctor raised an eyebrow and queried, “A 20-year-old, really? How does your family feel about that?”

The man’s grin widened, “Well, they’re not exactly thrilled, especially given that they now have to explain it to my 95-year-old wife!”


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