A man from Texas is vacationing in Mexico

A Texan man was vacationing in Mexico, spending his day wandering around the area and taking in the sights. In the evening, he decided to dine at a trendy restaurant.

While enjoying his tequila, he couldn’t help but notice a couple at a nearby table being served a beautifully decorated platter with two giant meatballs in the center. Intrigued, he asked the waiter about the dish.

The waiter enthusiastically replied, “Oh, señor, you have excellent taste! It’s called Cojones de Toro, bull testicles from this morning’s bullfight. They’re a real delicacy!”

Eager to try it, the Texan said, “Well, what the heck, bring me an order.”

The waiter regretfully informed him, “I’m sorry, señor, but it’s only one portion per day. Since there’s only one bullfight every morning, we can’t serve it more than once. However, if you come early tomorrow and place your order, we’ll save this delicacy for you.”

Determined to taste it, the man returned the next morning, placed his order, and eagerly awaited his meal. That evening, he was served the only special treat of the day.

After taking a few bites and inspecting his plate, he called the waiter over and remarked, “They’re delicious, but they’re much smaller than the ones I saw you serve yesterday.”

The waiter simply shrugged and replied, “Señor, sometimes the bull wins.”


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