Why do you want more pay

The Mexican maid requested a raise from her employer. The woman, feeling upset about this, decided to inquire about the maid’s request.

She asked, “Maria, why do you believe you deserve a raise?”

Maria replied, “Well, señora, there are three reasons why I’m seeking a promotion. Firstly, I am better at caressing than you.”

The woman, taken aback, questioned, “Who told you that you’re better at caressing than me?”

Maria responded, “Jor Khuzban, he mentioned it.”

The wife, now feeling increasingly concerned, asked, “Really?”

Maria continued, “The second reason is that I cook better than you.”

The wife dismissed this, saying, “Ridiculous! Who told you that you cook better than me?”

Maria replied, “Akt zhor hozban.”

The woman, feeling even more unsettled, inquired, “He did, too?”

Maria calmly responded, “The third reason is that I’m better at making love than you are in bed.”

The woman, now flustered, questioned, “Did my husband say that too?”

Maria assured her, “No, señora, it was the gardener.”

The woman, realizing the situation, asked, “So, how much of a raise are you seeking?”


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